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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux

Originally Posted by Jenlet View Post
Uh... anyone else follow @Thor2themovie on Twitter? I know it's not legit, but they totally just teased the hell out of the Hiddleston fandom. Kinda dick.

I love getting leaked set pieces, dangit. :P
I was up until about 20 minutes ago. Granted Tom will joke around with fans, but I don't see him doing something like that so the fact that twitter account is trying to pin it on him makes it even more annoying. So...yeah, I've unfollowed the account, following @Thor2Fans instead, fully acknowledges it's run by fans but they do what they can to cite sources (which Thor2themovie didn't really do and even 'mistakenly' posted a photo of Eccleston saying it was him as Malekith when really it was from a previous film of his called The Seeker, they pulled it down when they were called out on it)

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