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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux

Originally Posted by Jenlet View Post
@Thor2Fans, huh? Cool, thanks for the tip!
You're welcome. In lieu of an official Thor2 twitter account, a fan one that tries it's best to do right by the fans is probably the next best thing. In addition to confirmed accounts like the actors, Marvel Entertainment's official account, or someone like Agent_M

As for an update on the @Thor2theMovie account. Looks like the account has been deleted. One of my friends had posted to Agent_M on tumblr and got this response:


I'm a bit concerned about someone taking advantage of Thor 2 fans. Been watching a while but antics today now involve Tom Hiddleston getting loads of negative feedback on tumblr and floods of tweets. Is this account official? Many fans are getting this impression despite a number of us being cautious: @Thor2themovie

No. It’s not official.

Thor/Loki/Hiddles fans: Don’t get upset with Tom and don’t believe rumors from that FAKE account. More info soon, I promise.
And Tom also tweeted an response/apology (even though he has nothing to apologize for):
Tom Hiddleston ‏@twhiddleston

My apologies to disappointed Loki fans today. False expectations were created & not met. I should make clear it had nothing to do with me.
The incident just serves as a reminder to only trust verified/official sources.

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