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Default Re: Wang Xuegi as Radioactive Man?

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
Radioactive Man has always been more of a Thor villain than an Iron Man villian.
I think Thor works best fighting gods and monsters from Norse mythology. That's part of the reason why Mr. Hyde started off fighting Thor, but ended up as a Daredevil and Captain America villain. Radioactive Man is more of a science based villain and being a Chinese scientist fits with the plot of IM3 that is set in China. That's why Radioactive Man is in this movie and why Thor will be fighting Dark Elves in his next film. How would fit Radioactive Man into a Thor movie, he wouldn't fit in with the magical enemies Thor usually fights and wouldn't be able to carry a movie by himself. Thor works best in a fantasy setting, so having a sci fi character would be out of place.

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