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Default Re: Wang Xuegi as Radioactive Man?

Originally Posted by Smashlilman View Post
He could work as a Thor villain in a Thor movie that was almost entirely set on earth. Any Villain can work anywhere if you want to make it work. That's how The Avengers was even capable of existing. Whedon wanted to make it work so it did.
Why would you set a Thor movie entirely on Earth? Is it not more fun to see Thor fighting mythical beasts and be in fantastical realms? Setting a Thor movie entirely on Earth seems like a step back at this point. Radioactive Man wouldn't work as a Big bad in a film, he was mainly a minion in the Masters of Evil story lines he appeared in, so what role would he play in a Thor movie. It seems like all he would do was provide a fight scene in a Thor movie, rather being a character that advances the plot. He isn't the Big Bad in the Iron Man 3 movie, but considering it is set in China, Radioactive Man seems more like a natural fit in Iron Man 3 then the next Thor movie where Thor will fight Dark Elves.

Not all villains can carry every type of movie, I think Mr. Hyde would work way better in a Daredevil movie then in a Thor movie.

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