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Default Re: Predictions for the next Batman movie

Originally Posted by HolyPurpleSocks View Post
I would love to see a film that focuses solely on one villain, as that hasn't been done since '89.

Imagine having Mr. Freeze as the solo antagonist, with only the mob presence as the other criminal threat in Gotham. Have Freeze's origin and transformation from Dr. Fries into the monster he is, all in the quest to try and save his that he is willing to do ANYTHING necessary to bring her back, even to go so far as stealing, killing, maiming. Batman, on the other hand, can already be formed in his origins, but have constant callbacks to why he does what he does. Show that he is willing to put his life at risk, but only willing to do anything necessary short of killing. Make it a character study, a detective caper, the groundwork for a whole universe where the fantastic is commonplace.

Plant the seeds for the bat-family, have him rescue a young orphan Tim Drake, or bring it all back to the circus incident with Dick Grayson in order to have allusions to Bruce's losing his own parents. Don't make him Robin yet, don't bring in Batgirl until the third movie, let it all happen organically, with these characters existing in Gotham (Barbara, Grayson, Leslie Thompkins, Zucco, Dent, Harleen Quinzel, Bullock, Murdoch, Thorne, Falcone) but don't have anything 'jump the shark' until the new series calls for it, keep the main focus on Batman trying to stop Mr. Freeze from destroying the city in his quest to save his wife. Have him be taken seriously, and make him sympathetic in a way 'B&R' failed to...make the wait until a film introduces Joker that much more suspenseful, even include some future rogues as Wayne employees if you like (Man-Bat, Mad Hatter, Riddler) but let it all play out. You can switch out actors for Batman like the Bond series, but always keep a loose continuity within the Universe.
I actually think it would be cooler to have a series of movies (a trilogy most likely) that had the same main villain in all three movies (and used other villains from the Batman universe in partnership roles with the villain). (ala...the original star wars trilogy with Luke vs. Vader)

Imagine having three Batman movies where the fight is between Batman and the Joker. Actually, that was kind of what I was hoping The Dark Knight series was going for. If Heath Ledger hadn't of died, I imagine the Joker would have returned as the main antagonist in the next film as well.

I would love to see an established Batman and the three movies mark the transformation of the Joker....Have him start as the Red Hood in movie one and lead up to the climax in movie three.

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