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Default Re: Predictions for the next Batman movie

Originally Posted by Viper81 View Post
I actually think it would be cooler to have a series of movies (a trilogy most likely) that had the same main villain in all three movies (and used other villains from the Batman universe in partnership roles with the villain). (ala...the original star wars trilogy with Luke vs. Vader)

Imagine having three Batman movies where the fight is between Batman and the Joker. Actually, that was kind of what I was hoping The Dark Knight series was going for. If Heath Ledger hadn't of died, I imagine the Joker would have returned as the main antagonist in the next film as well.

I would love to see an established Batman and the three movies mark the transformation of the Joker....Have him start as the Red Hood in movie one and lead up to the climax in movie three.
I'd definitely, undoubtedly love that for the next few installations...we all know Joker is the most well-known, the most complex, sadistic, intriguing and deep villain possibly of any comic book character ever put onto film. So having him as the main threat for a whole trilogy would allow for things to breathe and develop...that way, I wouldn't complain if there were a few minor threats/villains in each film that Bats takes down on his path to Joker. I don't necessarily think Joker needs to have an origin story in order to make it work, just flesh him out- show the transformation of Harleen Quinzel to Harley, have Joker possibly kill Jason Todd, or cripple know, alot of the major evil things he's best known for.

I also feel that Heath would have returned for TDKR had he not died, but it's something we'll never know, because Nolan won't budge on his stance. I'd really love the chance to get to see those two characters face off for three full films, as it's my favorite dynamic between a good/bad guy, in any incarnation.

Originally Posted by JokerGrayson View Post
Innercity Bonfire, IMO.

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