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Default Re: Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts in Iron Man 3

Originally Posted by Human Torch View Post
If Gwen leaves the series,I'd rather she marry Happy instead of getting killed off.But I doubt either will happen.

The problem with introducing Cabe as a new love interest is that she was his "bodyguard" in the comics.In the MCU everyone knows Tony is IM,so I don't know if they'll just give her Pepper's role.
Bethany Cabe was a security specialist and simply appointed herself as Tony's bodyguard (while at the same time being his girlfriend) because she didn't think Iron Man was terribly effective or professional about the way he conducted himself. This was while Tony was going through his alcoholic problems, so of course IM didn't always act professionally. However, she later figured out they were one and the same so didn't question IM's professionalism.

Later on she was just Stark's head of security at Stark Enterprises. So never really a "bodyguard" as such. Back in the early days she just liked to think she was but everyone knew she really wasn't. So I don't see any problem with introducing her as a love interest. She could just be head of security, which is kind of Happy's role in the MCU, but he is also Tony's chauffeur so they could have differently designated roles which don't overlap.

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