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Default Re: MCU Phase 3: Have it your way

Originally Posted by KangConquers View Post
Exactly. I actually think? Later franchises will be the glue that keeps the MCU together from generation to generation.

For example, when The Avengers 3 ends, depending on the status of TIH2 Mark Ruffalo will still have 2-3 more films on his contract (Unless they cameo him.) The Guardians of the Galaxy actors will likely have 3 films left, Whoever winds up playing Doctor Strange will likely have films left on his contract.

Basically I see a transitional block of films in the late 10's early 20's, Involving new properties, sequels to phase 2 and 3 properties, and maybe a surprise return to the marvel camp (Fantastic 4?) before they recast the big 3 Avengers.

Marvel Studios can't just stop making movies. They're a film company and that's what they do.

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