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Awesome Re: MCU Phase 3: Have it your way

For phase three I wuld like to see 3 movies a year. Two tentpoles during summer, and one lesser known property during November.This is where I would like to see some films that don't tie into the avengers franchise. I also assume that by phase 3, marvel studios will have gotten many more of their characters back. So anyway, here is my dream list.

May- The incredile hulk 2, dealing with the leader
August- The Black Panther
November- Dare-devil

May- iron-man 4
August- captain america 3
November- Doctor Strange

May- Thor 3 Ragnarok
August- The incredible hulk 3
November- Iron Fist

May- The Avengers 3
Call this the beginning of phase 4 if you want
August- Silver Surfer origin movie
November- The Defenders

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