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Default Re: Jennifer Lawrence/Mystique. Introducing this sexy and talented actress.

Originally Posted by DrDoom View Post
I'd love to see scenes with McKellan and Fassbender Magneto's talking to each other
Originally Posted by 747 View Post
I'm not sure the universe would be able to withstand the awesomeness that would surely ensue if that happened…
it also depends on what rules of time travel their are fallowing, like if they go by similar rules as BTTF, seeing future/past self could of dyer consequences...
the encounter could create a time paradox, the results of which could cause a chain reaction that would unravel the very fabric of the space time continuum, and destroy the entire universe...
so the universe may quite literally not be able to infact withstand such an awesome encounter
...or coming face to face with himself 40 years older would put him into shock and he'd simply pass out lol

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