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Personally, I was expecting real heavy hitting moves like what Aquaman does at 2:09 of this vid. Especially when Hulk and Thor were fighting right by those jets:

I mean, Hulk couldn't at least have hurled an entire Jet at Thor? Just a wing was disappointing. The move that was truly awesome was when Thor sent the Hulk slamming into the jet with a Mjolnir strike. The fight needed more things like that.

Most people don't factor in the location simply because they were expecting more from a Hulk Vs Thor fight. Factoring in the location wouldn't feel like such a problem if these weren't movies where it'll probably be a while(If ever) until we see Thor fighting Hulk again. I wanted them to go all out, because that was a moment I was waiting on for years. If location was a factor then Thor should have taken Hulk out of the Helicarrier, to somewhere more isolated.

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