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Default Re: What's So Bad About Superman Returns?

i do really wish they had included the scene of his return to Krypton,as well as dialogue explaining Luthor set the whole thing up, so Supes would be gone when his appeal came about ( and Superman WAS,technically,the only witness to his "Destroy the West Coast" plan. everything else was strictly circumstantial evidence,unless Ms. Teschmacher and Otis turned on him) and would likely die at the site of Krypton,with all the Kryptonite floating about.

like i said,i like parts of it,i DON'T like parts of it. my biggest issue is a Superman who abandons mankind again for his own wants.

i actually like the Luthor plot. it fits in perfectly with the Hackman version,who had 2 goals - Land,and the death of Superman.

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