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Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
Yeah but that's Marvel for ya, ever since Stan Lee left they've always seemed to favor Hulk over Thor. It also was made pretty obvious in the trailers that Hulk was going to be potrayed in an "unstoppable" light.
Yeah I know. But I mean, most fans of the MCU sort of have an idea that Thor is THE guy. I mean, it seemed that way to me.

Which is why I am hoping Kurse will actually appear physically stronger than Hulk cause (1. Well he is) but 2, because, there are other characters out there physically stronger than Hulk, contrary to what some world breaker hulk fanatics seem to think (sorry, but Mangog from the Silver Age beats World Breaker to death) anyway. Yeah, there are other characters stronger than Hulk, and I am hoping that Thor 2 shows the strength and power of other creatures.

Plus, it will make it more clear that Thor is THE powerhouse of the MCU, defeating someone stronger than Hulk.

Given what I know about Kurse, he is going to have to be so physically overpowering Thor. Which is what I want to see. I hope Kurse gives Thor a good beating, to the point where it is relatively clear he is completely out matched, thus having to resort to his other powers. Showing what he is capable of.

And the other night I had a dream, MCU Kurse was in it. He looked awesome

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