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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux

Hi All. First post long time lurker (at least since the Thor movie came out). Have not read any comic books but I am familiar with the names at least of the super heroes because my brother has those Marvel cards back when we were kids and each card has the characater's bio at the back.

Obviously, based on my user name, I like Loki (not his deeds though, coz they're bad). I am already familiar with him because of Norse mythology. I am a fan of all things mythological - Norse, Greek, Roman.

In the movie verse, I like that he is not just your typical mustache twirling villain. I understand his motivations but I don't agree with his actions. Like everyone, he wants to be loved and respected but he is just going about it the wrong way and so blinded by his anger, jelousy and self pity that he can't see past them. Tom Hiddleston in his interviews perfectly describes Loki and he sees Loki the way I see the character too.

Because of my interest in Loki, I've been doing a lot of reading about him. I found that even in the original mythology, Loki is neither good or evil. Actually, according to historians, there is no such duality in the Norse pagan religion. I liked that about Loki. There's one story where he was travelling with Thor just hanging out and having an adventure. Of course, there's the famous story about Sleipnir. In that story, Loki was actually being nice and it was the gods who were being cheap. They didn't want to pay the builder for the wall being constrcuted with the help of the horse Svaðilfari. The gods told Loki to do something to delay the construction or else he will be punished. And we know what he did.

Another story of mythological Loki that I enjoy is the Lokasenna, He basically crashes a party of the gods and insults everyone. Here's a link to the poem:

Here's a very modern translation of the text. I must say, the translation is pretty accurate. Verily. (source:
  • Ægir: U guyz, we're havin' a party!!
  • Gods: **** yeah! And also: great servers u got there!
  • Loki: *kills a servant* lol
  • Gods: > GTFO!!
  • Loki: kk bye *gets the **** out*
  • in da woods
  • Loki: Sup Eldir! The hell are those gods talkin' 'bout?
  • Eldir: Dunno man, war and stuff. And that you sorta suck.
  • Loki: Woah man, I better be crashin' that party!
  • Eldir: Dude, no!
  • in da hallz
  • Loki: *enters halls*
  • Gods:
  • Loki:
  • Gods:
  • Loki: Gimme a seat and a drink.
  • Bragi: Dafuq we aint invitin' no *****z like u.
  • Loki: Odin pls. Odin u promised we only get wasted together!!
  • Odin: Geez... Víðarr, gtfo, Loki needs ur seat.
  • Víðarr: ok.jpg *pours drink for Loki*
  • Loki: I drink to everyone at the party, except for Bragi cause he's an ass.
  • Bragi: I'd give my horse and my sword for this party not being ****** so..
  • Loki: Yeah, cause ur a ****** warrior.
  • Bragi: I'd cut off your head if this wasn't a party.
  • Loki: Like hell u bench ornament!! Also you're a coward.
  • Iðunn: Bragi u better dont piss him off.
  • Loki: STFU ho. Stop hugging the guy who pwnd your bro!
  • Iðunn: Just don't want no beef.
  • Gefjun: Can't we all be friends?? Loki, ur just jokin' and everyone lubbs u .__.
  • Loki: You're a ho too.
  • Odin: Dude, you're ****ing nuts. This is Gerfjun we're talkin' 'bout.
  • Loki: You suck at giving out medals.
  • Odin: Yeah but you were a female basement-dweller and got knocked up all the time you perv!
  • Loki: Who played witch and human again? You're the perv!
  • Frigga: omg tmi u guyz
  • Loki: U had Odin's bros right? RIGHT??
  • Frigga: If Balder was here, u'd be so ****'d.
  • Loki: But I killed him lol.
  • Freyja: Ur completely nuts, this is Frigga ur pissin off!
  • Freyja: Ur lying u just flame everyone and u'll get ur ass kicked fo' sure.
  • Loki: U remember when u were riding ur brother and everyone walked in on u and u farted??
  • Njörðr (Freya's dad btw): Loki, 's cool for a chick to have a lover. Also u gave birth and all ewwwww
  • Loki: The daughters of Hymir used u as a pisspot lmao.
  • Njörðr: Oh shut it i dig golden showers and also I'm Freyrs dad too and everyone thinks Freyr's the man!
  • Tyr: But Freyr is THA MAN!
  • Loki: Oh shut it u cant deal straight with ppl also my son bit off your hand.
  • Tyr: I lost a hand u lost a kid. Sucks for both of us.
  • Loki: Shut up, I ****'d yo wife.
  • Freyr: We'll ****ing bind u if u don't shut your whoremouth.
  • Loki: U bought ur wife and got no sword. Whatcha gonna do at Ragnaröck?
  • Byggvir: If I was as cool as Freyr, I'd pwn u so bad.
  • Loki: Ur Freyrs lapdog.
  • Byggvir: But its cool to be here and also I'm kinda fast??
  • Loki: Ur too stupid to apportion food and all hiding in war.
  • Heimdallr: Loki's all drunk n lame.
  • Loki: U fail at life.
  • Skaði: U'll be bound with ur sons guts.
  • Loki: **** u I killed ur dad lol
  • Skaði: I'll so **** ur **** up.
  • Loki: U were nicer when we ****ed.
  • Sif: *pours mead for Loki* Have this drink. U cant be hatin on me cause im all ****in flawless k
  • Loki: You'd be. If I hadn't ****ed u.
  • Beyla: When Thor gets here, this ****s gonna stop.
  • Loki: Ugh, ur like the worst chick ever...
  • Thor: STFU or I'll hammer ur head off yo shoulders.
  • Loki: U mad? Fenrirs gonna eat yo daddy.
  • endless flamewar between thor and loki and some **** about loki as a salmon
  • the end
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