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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux

Originally Posted by Lei D Loki View Post
Thanks for the welcome everyone! Yes, that's how you pronounce my nick name, Lei.

I will have to look up that Thor story. I really do enjoy reading myths. I've read the story about him losing Mjolnir and having to dress up in a wedding gown. Loki was helping him here too. In my mind, Loki would be enjoying Thor's predicament a lot.
Here's the summary I read about the beer run. I haven't gotten around to digging up a translation of the original.

This anecdote is #7 of "10 Bits of Norse Mythology You Probably Won't See in Thor". Most of the rest of the entries on the list you've mentioned already. The poem you linked to is item #10 on this list; the wedding story is #2.


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