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Default Re: Changing the roster for Avengers 2?

Originally Posted by Scar Predator View Post
I think they'll just add instead of rotate. Cap, IM, and Thor will stay. The only way I see the Hulk leaving is if he turns on the Avengers, which I highly doubt after the end of the first film.

Panther, Ant Man, and Wasp are locks. Vision and Ms. Marvel are probables.
I can only see one of those being a *possible* lock: Ant-Man. So far, Wasp still hasn't even been *mentioned* by Edgar Wright, so we can't expect her to be in the Ant-Man film at all, until further notice.

There's only one "lock" I see so far: Falcon, in CATWS, is being groomed for Avengers 2. Ant-Man --- and any auxiliary characters, like Scott Lang and/or Hank Pym, and Wasp --- will make the team *if* Wright gets his film in on time. So that's a very big "if." As for Vision and Ms. Marvel, they've never been mentioned in any rumors or interviews, just fanboy wishlisting on the forums. (Including a fanboy wishTweet from Vin Diesel himself to play Vision.)


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