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Default Re: Coleman Reese is the Riddler

Originally Posted by Changeling View Post
I can believe that Mr Reese was supposed to be a nod to the Riddler, in fact, watching The Dark Knight with that in mind, it has actually helped me enjoy the movie a little more (hard to do) if I trick myself into thinking he is supposed to be The Riddler.

I really wish they wouldve just named him Edward Nashton, John Blake shouldve had the same name as a Robin (Dick WAS on the Police Force...I wouldnt be mad if John Blake was called Dick Grayson)

And the chubby cop in TDK shouldve been called Bullock, and the latina one (even though she sold out) shouldve been called Renee Montoya
No. Just... no.

That would be an insult to all of those comic characters except in the case of naming John Blake Dick Grayson, which would have given away what Nolan and Co.'s plans for him were right away.

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