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Default Re: Funcom tops Oslo stock exchange, invests heavily in The Secret World

hmmm if you saw the page over where they were contemplating it. There's this stigma among those that haven't been keeping up with current events on what the public has been liking with MMo's going F2P.

It's seen as failer still to those that haven't been keeping up on news or really been paying attention at all to what people are saying. May be cause at first what that was started it was the alternative to just shutting down immediately. They'd do it and those MMo's would last a bit and then fade away and die. And even though since in recent yr's it's turned and things are different now, all due to the recession. Those people that choose not to keep up news wise still think it's still the same way model wise. It's kinda sad. but this will have to reach those people eventually, that F2P has been a successful venture these days .

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