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Default Re: Tom Hiddleston: Loki Redux

Originally Posted by Lei D Loki View Post
Thanks for the welcome everyone! Yes, that's how you pronounce my nick name, Lei.

I will have to look up that Thor story. I really do enjoy reading myths. I've read the story about him losing Mjolnir and having to dress up in a wedding gown. Loki was helping him here too. In my mind, Loki would be enjoying Thor's predicament a lot.
Originally Posted by Lei D Loki View Post
I am hoping that Loki doesn't turn neither good nor evil. I want him to remain ambiguous. I don't want him developing a conscience or guilt. I want to be able to understand his motivations even if his actions are bad.

Also, count me in wanting to see more sorcery from Loki. I wonder how they will achieve this without making it Harry Potter-ish and still be close to "magic is advanced science we don't get".

Looking back, Loki's magic has been pretty lame so far. Even when he had the glow sticks. Staff blasts, duplication, mind control. It's a credit to the actor that he still seemed such a big threat despite the limited powers we've seen from Loki.

I am happy though that at least they showed Loki to be physically stronger than humans.
AH, another Loki fan, great. -________-

:P welcome to the hype my friend. I want loki's redemption to be in Thor 3 against Surtur, sort of like the surtur saga, he fights for himself. Loki I want him to stay evil, and just selfish. His hatred for Thor NEEDS to stay.

And I agree. I was disappointed with his power. He was actually surprisingly strong, but I would like to see him use more powers, like energy blasts, astral projection more, intangibility. Mind control (without a damn scepter)

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