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Default Re: Is Thor the best Marvel Studios movie so far?

I rank Thor and Iron Man 1 equally. I can't really choose between them.

Thor: What I love about this movie is the non-Earth scenes. Being a fan of mythology, I was very keen to see how the movie would show me what I have only been imagining when reading the mythology books. I am aware that the movie is based on the comic books which I have not read but I was still fascinated to see what the live action of the myth would look like. I was disappointed with Clash of the Titans. Thor, I enjoyed very much. The Earth scenes were okay, but I usually skip these scenes when I watch the blu ray. I love Asgard, Jotenheim, Ygdrassil. I love all the scenes with the Asgardians, particularly Thor Loki and Odin. I love the family dynamics. I wish there were more.

Iron Man: Again, not having read the comics, I was more interested in how they are going to show the iron man suit. I enjoyed the scenes in the cave, when Stark is building and testing his suits, JARVIS, whenever the suit is in action.

I am not a fan of romance in action movies so I didn't enjoy the Thor/Jane or Tony/Pepper scenes.

Both villains in the films are amazing but I would place Loki higher since I find this Loki sympathetic. I like my villains to be ambiguous. I want to be kept guessing. There has to be more motivation to a villain other than greed.

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