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Default Re: Joseph Gordon-Levitt as John Blake VI

He seems like such a troll lol. Oh and my reasons for Nightwing and not Batman would be..

Batman is extremely personal to Bruce. It is forever linked to the death of his parents...his accidental fall caused the fear, the fear at the opera then lead to their death. He decided to use bats as a symbol for his own fight. Anyone else taking over that, imo, is just a cheap imitator.

Bruce left the fixed batsignal as a sign to Gordon that he was alive and well. It’s a sign of their friendship, not something as obvious as a signal for the next guy. The ''Batman anyone could be'' thing..he means hero, not literally Batman. And notice how its ''Batman could be anyone'' rather than ''anyone could be Batman''..big difference. Later, he tells Gordon that anyone can be a hero. Being left the batcave was more about handing over of a base and the general guardian-baton. He left him the cave and made him enter in that way as a very strong way of making Blake feel just how big a deal this undertaking much of a legacy he would be fighting alongside. While the bats in Begins engulfed Rises they sped past Blake.

Blake is different to Bruce in quite afew ways..specially in that of how they operate. Blake was literally disgusted by the coverup. He’s not Batman in more ways than one. I think Blake, as Nightwing, would work closely with those orphans.

Batman is a stronger symbol in his death and sacrifice than he would be as a continual embodied entity. Then he wouldn't be as relatable to the people of Gotham. As it stands at the end of anonymous Gothamite stood up and saved the city. To me...that's far more powerful than some supernatural ageless being saving my city. A real man who lived and died for that would inspire me to never let Gotham become a filthhole again.

And finally..I don't believe Gotham needs a Batman anymore. Batman was extremely useful in inspiring Gotham and saving it. Making the city turn itself around. Now, in this new age, in needs a guiding hand, not a dark needs a different thing..Robin John Blake..Nightwing. I also think he would be more willing to work in a much more direct way with the police, unlike Bruce..he wouldn't share his resources even when Alfred plead with him. And adult Robin = Nightwing. Can't believe all these people *****ing about him not being called Dick, etc...almost none of the GA would get the reference if it wasn't ''Robin'' lol.

Edit - After reading back afew pages I see some people still can't seem to separate this trilogies take on Batman and the comics takes(multiple) on Batman.

...That's a lovely, lovely voice...

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