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Default Re: Avengers Merchandise - Part 1

After months searching..... i finally completed my 3.75 set
K-mart restocked yesterday with 3 or 4 hawkeyes, no widows or fury just, hawkeyes, the new iron man, and a ton of Chitauri soldiers...

the soldiers look like overpriced happy meal toys, seriously, the picture of the figure on the front looks like a completely different one it looks NOTHING like the in package figure, idk how it's supposed to carry that gun thing it comes with, that pose in the pic is impossible as they really skimped on articulation

then on my way home i stopped at a local supermarket, not expecting to see anything, the tiny toy section that rarely has anything had all the figures besides maskless cap.....crazy how a supermarket had them when places like target/toys r us/k-mart had next to nothing for months

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