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Default Re: Superhero Film of the Year - 2012 Edition

Now that I have seen Dredd:

1. The Dark Knight Rises:The film bites a little more than it can chew, causing some sloppy moments, but overall the film is fantastic and a fantastic conclusion to my favorite film trilogy.Overall A

2. The Avengers:The film pretty much perfects what it was trying to accomplish. The only reason I give The Dark Knight Rises the SLIGHT EDGE is because The Avengers just lacks any type of depth and I personally will always prefer a deeper film to a non-deep film if the overall quality of the two is this close. I would say The Avengers is the closest thing Marvel's come to making a 'flawless' film.Overall:A

3.Dredd:Great performance by Urban and an overall really intriguing action film. There are a few acting hicups from some of the smaller actors and the overall story is pretty basic, but it manages to get what they were going for without too many bumps in the road. Overall: B+

4. The Amazing Spiderman: Andrew Garfield IS Spiderman. The actors and origin story are much better than Raimi's however, once Peter becomes Spiderman the lack of a strong villain hurts the story a bit. Basically TAS has a better cast and a better origin, but Raimi's story post-origin was much better and his villain was much better. Still, TAS is greatly entertaining and a very solid origin film that promises very good sequels. Overall: B+

EDIT: To answer some of Comics' questions(and a few more I came up with):

Best Director:Chris Nolan
Best Film:TDKR
Best Cinematography:TDKR
Best Visual Effects: The Avengers
Action Scenes: The Avengers
Overall Acting for full cast: TDKR
Best Actor: Christian Bale(Andrew Garfield a very close second)
Best Actress: Scarlett Johanson
Best Supporting Actor: Tom Hardy
Best Supporting Actress: Emma Stone(Anne Hathaway a very close second)
Best Scene: Sewer Fight between Bane and Batman in TDKR

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