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Default Re: BEWARE Spoilers: 11.2 - DETECTIVE - Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

In our newest chapter of Season 11:

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:

Green Arrow races out of Stryker's, confirming Chloe's report that not only did Superman and Batman break Manheim out of prison, but that Batman has a hovercraft that's invisible to radar: the Batwing. Ollie suggests to himself to make further investments.

Nightwing is sorry for losing Manheim, but Bruce (his mask is off, revealing that underneath he has headgear and grey makeup only on the mouth area, not the eyes) is giving a creepy smile (from Barbara's POV). Barb also points out hairline fractures all over Bruce's body before mentioning the tracking device Bats planted on Superman. Bruce jokes that Supes must like him, because he didn't throw him into space.

In the sky, Superman says he's sorry to be using extreme measures on Manheim. Manheim doesn't know anything, but Superman points out he's lying, and knows his better half will have a talk to him over this. Just then, in front of the Batwing, Manheim falls from above before Superman catches him below. Manheim spills the beans: Intergang wanted to protect themselves from the invasion (S10: Finale), Manheim decided against it but offered Joe Chill to help them. But now, Chill is off the grid, rumored to be in FBI custody. Superman grabs the tracking device and asks Batman if he catched that. The Batwing storms off, Superman takes that as a yes.

Watchtower: Chloe jokes with Ollie over getting beat up by a 19-20 year old girl, mentioning that the Wonder Twins are a call away. The talk leads to encrypted e-mails Ollie's been getting, and while there is a pattern, Chloe says he wont' like where it leads.

Daily Planet: Superman helps Lois find him in the sky by sparking his heat vision. After the talk over what he did to Manheim, Lois confirms Chill is in FBI custody. As for Toyman being a suspect, the answer is no, but Lois learns that an Oswald Loomis did try to visit Toyman dozens of times before turning away. Superman wants to talk with Batman again, and has a way into contacting him.

Leviathan: a supply ship docked in Metropolis is (an) HQ for Batman and Nightwing, where inside they are getting medical treatment. Bruce mentions his woman at Interpol liasing with the FBI, and has found Chill's location: Suicide Slums. Barb jokes about how Superman figured out who Batman was, and Bruce jokes about maybe she could be Superman's Supergirl. Barb points out how she'll hate it like she hated the name "Batgirl", as well as the fact that Superman has or had a Supergirl. The cameras pick up something and Bruce decides to head out alone, while Barb is in the Hub, when he looks outside to see what it is: the Bat-Signal.


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