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Default Re: How to modify a GCFX V1 mask for added accuracy

Originally Posted by BaneZero View Post
n00b question - where do you buy foam sheets and how do you best attach them to the mask (ideally without permanent damage to it/the ability to remove them if necessary)
My padding is permanent. I glued it with E-6000 but to hold it in place while the E-6000 cured as it takes about a full hour I added spots of superglue flex (the one with latex imbued in it) to the tips of the padding and a few spots here and there so It would stick to the rubber and allow the rest to dry in place.

The rubber in these masks s pretty damned sturdy. a couple of drops of superglue won't damage it.

the foam sheets I buy them in any place where they sell stuff for seamstress or leather work. At least in my country that's easy to find.

the sheets I buy are about a centimeter thick.

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