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Default Re: The Official Bane Costume Thread - Part 4

Originally Posted by B4N3 View Post
Hi everyone, I've followed this thread from the beginning, all the while doing my own costume build, and have yet to register (until today). And I just wanted to say all of the info I have gathered from every member that has posted has been greatly appreciated. I kinda went my own direction as far as what i used/how i went about making everything, but without seeing all the other processes and interpretations, It would've been quite difficult to build from pics alone. any way, I am building every part of my costume basically from scratch, and one a budget. The mask is mostly card board (coated in plasti-dip), JB weld (stick), and hot glue, with other knick-knacks i found along the way (wire loom, different fabrics, rubber tubing, ball point pen caps, random findings, etc.)I wasn't sure what to expect when i started this project, but seeing other completed ones has kept me motivated. I'm not finished yet, but i figured I'd join the fun and share my progress! my mask is almost complete just a few small details I have to add, I've spent about 30 bucks in all (on the mask only) let me know what you guys think!

Sorry for the poor quality, i used my cell phone, I'll post some more detailed pics when i am completely finished.
dude that is soo good. you inspire me to finish mine which is also being made out of household stuff

Originally Posted by Thebanewagon View Post
Finished up the ole paint scheme a little while ago tell me what ya'll think I ended up with a run of the mill bluish color but I like the way it turned out

looking great

Originally Posted by AZspidey View Post
First week of October. I have too much going on this week and next to produce another mask. I will be at Las Vegas Comic Expo where Ryan will be wearing his next weekend though.
Todd i know this is a long time away but are you going to SDCC?

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