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Default Re: IM3 Official Caption thread

Originally Posted by ultimatefan View Post

CAP: So, that´s the new, uh, Robocop?
TONY: That´s right. You see, people who didn´t know about me thought I was a Robocop rip-off. Now the people who didn´t know about Robocop will think he´s a rip-off of me.
CAP: And I thought computers were too complicated...
It's even funnier when you realize that Iron Man was an influence on Robocop.

TONY: "Dude I'm telling you if Batman were real and watched movies he would totally go for 1940s film noir."
CAP: "I think he'd be into westerns. The whole Teddy Roosevelt rough rider complex and all."

SUPERMAN: You know something Bruce? You're not always right.

Long Live TCM
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