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Default Re: The Official Bane Costume Thread - Part 4

Originally Posted by ED-E View Post
Hi guys.

I have just finally registered after following this thread for some months now.

I would really appreciate some feedback on the parts for my costume from people who has experience with the different ones.

I've come to the conclusion that's pants and coat are the way to go, I'm just unsure of what size to choose. I'm 6'6"/225 pounds. 43.5 inch chest. waist - 34 inch. Hip - 40 inch. I'm Althetic build. I'm in no way skinny, neither am I build like a power lifter. When measuring myself I seem to land in different size boxes in the size chart. Does any of you have any suggestions on what would give me the correct fit? I really don't want to end up with either one being slim-fitted, but as close to the movie look as I can get.

I wrote the guy who runs the site, and he suggested large pants and medium coat because they are supposed to be large in size. But thought I'd come here and ask anyways since I've never owned a medium sized piece of clothing in my adult life.

Hope some of you can help a fellow bane fan

Hey man, I'm nearly the same waist and hip size as you and the large pants work for me just fine. Bane wears them fairly high up from the photo's that i have seen. So i think your safe to get the large and they are truly worth it. Great pants and the closest you'll find to screen accurate pants at this point.

Checked in on my Wrist guard today at the local leather shop. I think it's going to turn out fantastic. I'll know by next week and have some photo's for you guys. Now all i need is a vest which is going to take some saving as SIQ wants $750.00 plus extra for weathering. But it's pretty essential to the costume. But i may handle that myself. I've become pretty good at weathering over the years. Plus you guys have given me some great tips on how to accomplish this as well. Does anyone still have a Roid's mask? I want to darken it a bit but i'm really new at painting latex and could use some tips.

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