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Default Re: MCU Phase 3: Have it your way

Let us discuss. As I have said about Civil War, theres got to be a way to do Planet Hulk without turning our favorite characters into dbags.

For instance, Leader has been introduced in the MCU and would likely be a villain in a future TIH film. Maybe he is behind the jettisoning of Hulk off planet and maybe fabricates it as the Avengers idea in an attempt at pitting them against one another. Convincing Hulk he has no allies on Earth. Thus resulting in some World War Hulk action but merely as a misunderstanding.

I've said it before, some of these stories are theoretically highly entertaining but they can be tweaked to not only fit a little better in our universe but also fix any flaws that were displayed in the comics.

Disney may not be eager to see a "John Carter but with Hulk," but I sure as hell am! I just suggest we not be so quick to dismiss some of these things because of the potential they may have.

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