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Default Re: Why did they wait 5months to blow up the city

Originally Posted by Fudgie View Post
Does anyone know what this guy is talking about or is he just having a colorful rant with nice pretty red letters?

The only part I got was dead right. Yup he's dead right.
tell everyone ,
who first wrote those words such as real life in this thread ?? me or MAKAVELI25 ?

so the one who wrote down real life, is the one lost touch of real life/reality/real world?

and who wrote down Batman is the one who led to such extreme methods by people like the Joker in the first place ??----in real life ,did you ever heard people in Mexico say that after so many civil servants got butchered?--in real life,only a fool will yell-"any action against crime lords( Zetas, etc) should be xxx,because (Zetas, etc) are using such extreme methods to create chaos"

he said real life----then again, in real life, authorities yields to terrorists and fulfil their demands ,right?

real life----that just like assuming some idiots would believe if authority fulfil jihadist's demand to arrest or execute Sam Bacile, then no despicable attack which against innocent people will ever happen again---like in TDK,kill or shut up Comen Reese to save innocent people?

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