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Default Re: Love Interest for Captain America II

Originally Posted by DarthMuppet View Post
It's looking more and more like Kendrick is the one who'll get the part. If it is her, I wish Marvel would just go ahead and confirm it. For one, at least in my opinion, Kendrick as Sharon Carter would be inspired casting. Also, I'd love to see all the people who don't think she could pull off the role proven wrong.
Hey, it's a totally different Kendrick interview where she gives vague, but adorable, Kendrick-y non-answers.

Kidding aside, yeah, I'm thinking she's possibly the one. Which makes me very excited. Since she's been in my mind now ever since her name was announced, I'd probably be disappointed if they went another route (although Poots would've been interesting, and Felicity Jones has her share of supporters...)

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