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Default Re: The Official Bane Costume Thread - Part 4

Figured I'd post what I just noticed about Bane's coat. The last few times I've watched the movie, I've mainly been looking at Bane's coat and how it fits, it's weight, collar, color and length and it's flow. One of the details I've noticed is that the buttons on the collar aren't present in a lot of scenes. Like when he is giving his speech on the tumbler, they aren't there but in the football scene just prior they are.

Another thing is, it seems like the coat is very lightweight, which is one thing I think the BanePants coat is lacking. It honestly looks too heavy and not thin enough. And I think the one Banewagon has nails that perfectly (along with the color). But I'm only judging from the pictures I've seen of the coat. Anyone with the BanePants coat have any opinion on how the weight is? That honestly is what's holding me back on commiting to it. The color could be altered fairly easily and the collar I think mimmicks the real one perfect. Same with the length. But the weight would obviously be next to impossible to alter.

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