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Default Re: MCU Phase 3: Have it your way

I don't like to speculate as much as others because the films are never going to head the direction we personally envision. That being said, this topic seemed too fun to pass up.

I don't know what Marvel is planning to do with Thanos but I hope he is resolved in that one film. Other posters have suggested dragging that out through the entirety of phase 2 and 3. I am going to go off into What-If Land and propose a few ideas.

Hopefully if there is room in Avengers 2 I feel this is where Ant-Man should be introduced. I don't know if he can hold his own film, especially if it comes before Avengers 2; the 2nd phase would be too crowded. Thanos makes his appearance, our heroes best him, send his ass packing back to deep space. But now Nick Fury's higher-ups (perhaps that Secret Committee or whatever from A1) start giving him increasing pressure to regulate the Avengers, setting us up for:

The Superhero Registration Act! Yeah I said it folks, Phase 3: the Civil War!

Time to turn the MCU on its head, push the characters through the wringer. "Hold up Stat, there are only a handful of characters to even register, whatchu talkin bout!" Well now any new characters introduced are put right into that conflict. And this conflict provides the backdrop for phase 3!

Avengers 3: Disassembled
- I just want to see Iron Man and Captain America brawl. And these guys haven't been compadres for years and years like their comic counterparts, them disagreeing shouldn't be as big an issue as it was to some regarding the comics. Ant-Man, having been introduced already, starts developing Ultron, perhaps as a deterrant for Shield under the SHRA. Face off at the climax of the movie disbands the Avengers as Ultron becomes sentient.

Plant Hulk
- After a recent Hulk outburst, The Secret Committee tries to discuss a solution to the Hulk with Iron Man, who refuses. Ultron (now a thread running parallel to the SHRA in phase 3) manipulates the plot sending Hulk to Sakaar, with a fabricated video showing Tony Starks betrayal. How about instead of Silver Surfer during the Gladiator portion, Nova has his debut, setting up his own film. Hulk gets the screentime, but Ruffalo is still doing the acting via Mocap and scenes that can show Banner struggling with the Hulk in his subconscious. Let it get wierd, Marvel Studios.

Iron Man and Captain America sequels
- showing the effects of the SHRA, Cap on the run, Iron Man thinking he is doing the right thing. Ultron behind the scenes, perhaps hacking Tony's suits and starting an Armor War, putting him on the Committees bad side, and making Tony question his path.

They can introduce some more street level characters at this time, Daredevil and Dr. Strange. How does Shield try to police a Sorcerer who's talents are of another realm? They can't, as Strange will surely show them. Maybe Ms. Marvel or another character can be introduced to the Pro-SHRA side.

Avengers 4
- The return of a mad as hell Hulk coincides with an assassination attempt on the underground Fury (more villainry via Ultron). Fury reaches out to Cap, with info he's compiled making them aware of Ultron. Iron Man is appalled when he learns Shield actually went through with their Hulk agenda. Captain America joins Iron Man in defense of Hulk against the registration forces (after their own obligatory pre-team up battle). And after all that is resolved, Ultron is revealed to be the manipulative mastermind behind our heroes rough times and the Avengers unite once again, stopping Ultron and undoing the SHRA.

Nova and the Guardians of the Galaxy
- Nova learns while he was imprisoned on Sakaar the Nova Corps failed to stop Thanos from reaching Earth and were Annihilated (see what I did there?) He joins the Guardians in their race to find the Infinity Gauntlet before Thanos who is through licking his wounds and is harboring a hell of a grudge.

Cue Phase 4.

(I know I took a lot of "creative liberties" but the films are inevitably going to anyway right? Also left out Thor, but he wouldn't give a rats ass about the SHRA. His movie would have him denying any involvement with those petty tiny humans, till the Avengers are together again of course.)

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