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Default Re: Rank the Bat-Films.....

Originally Posted by Hellion View Post
First, I love all the films. Second, I hate the argument or point I'm presenting because I've called people out on it (not here on the hype necessarily and not on this film but when I talk about movies with friends...),...but as the years have gone by...Jim Carrey kinda ruins the film for me.
Nah i get that makes sense, tbh I really think Forever was the biggest let down of the series in some ways, I think it balances the tone of dark and light just about right for the most part and I really like Kilmer as Batman but the Two Face portrayal is the biggest let down of all. Tommy Lee Jones could have made an awesome Harvey Dent/Two-Face had more been focuse on that and not cheesy over the top plotlines (i.e. the whol Riddler) plot I think it had the potential to be the best of the series. Don't even get me started on Bat Nipples.

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