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Default Re: Update the outfit for next solo film

For me, the Avengers costume didn't work.
The cowl seemed really tight against Evans' head, and seemed to make his cheeks squish outward. Evan's has a decent jawline, but it got lost in the cowl.
I don't know if it was his physique or the costume, be he seemed really slim, especially in the legs.
The slimness of the legs was really set off by the belt pouches, which made his waist look wider, thus giving his chest/shoulders a narrower appearance.
The boots and gauntlets were way too bulky, and only served to make his legs and arms seem smaller.

In most comic book movies, a tighter suit like that is accentuated by muscle padding, and that didn't seem to happen.

For WS, I'd like to see something more akin to the TFA costume.
On a side note, I feel Evans is simply to boyish looking to be Steve Rogers. They could have used someone slightly older in the story, or someone who at least looked a little older and rugged.

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