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Default Re: More music from Batman TAS being released

The past few days I've been listening to the batman scores I own. Everything from Nelson Riddle's Batman the Movie, I know this isn't a score but a song album Batman '89' Prince, Elfman's Batman '89' and Batman Returns scores, and Walker and co. B:TAS Vol 1 & 2 scores. I plan on listening to Walker's B:MOTP, Goldenthal's Batman Forever tomorrow if I can. As well as "sigh" Zimmer's and JNH Batman Begins and The Dark Knight scores. I still don't own Zimmer's TDKR score yet fortunately. I also plan on listening to Batman:Gotham Knight.

Anyways back to B:TAS Vol. 2. The scores to these shows are marvelous, which is more than I can say for Zimmer's bat scores. I'll go ahead and give some of my thoughts on a few of the scores.

"Beware The Gray Ghost" is not only a great episode but the score to it captures the feel of a serial and film noir as the show itself does. It kicks off the album already on a high note. The theme for the Gray Ghost is very daring and brooding in a heroic way. The theme for the "toy cars" is very threatening and listening it makes me feel like I'm being chased down. It's a very exciting theme and captures the thrill and danger of being chased, imo.

"The Cat and the Claw Part 1 and 2" scores are outstanding. Both scores ( like most of the episode's scores in general) feel like it was written for a movie and not a cartoon on network tv. The track "The Catwoman" starts off with catwoman's theme, which is very cat like and sneaky capturing the feel of a cat burglar. When Batman and Catwoman face off and play a game of cat and mouse. Catwoman's theme is played almost like a dance between Batman and Catwoman. It's very energetic and playful. Catwoman's theme is very different from Elfman's own catwoman theme for BR, which is a good thing. Yet both themes fit the character , imo. And I can't even remember a single note of Zimmer's catwoman theme if she had a theme at all. Red Claw's theme is very vicious and threatening . It really showcases that she and her group of terrorists are the main threat against Batman instead of Catwoman. It's played very menacingly as Red Claw's goons go after Catwoman in "Batman Rescues Catwoman" and "The Train". Theres another theme that plays as Catwoman takes photos and one of Red Claw's goons takes the camera from her. As well as when Batman and Catwoman get loose from the ropes they're tied in as the "plague" start to spread. That theme sort of to me captures the companionship and partnership between Batman and Catwoman with them both teaming up to foil Red Claw's plan. "Bat Draft" is a very thrilling track capturing the suspense of Batman trying to destroy the "plague" and risking his life at the process. The last few seconds of "More Than You'll Ever Know" is touching and heartbreaking as the last scene itself when Batman handcuffs catwoman. You can tell it hurts batman arresting catwoman more than it does catwoman. The music nailed that perfectly.

"Nothing To Fear" opens very suspiciously like danger is approaching. Scarecrow's theme is more maniacal and less threatening than some of the other villain themes. It plays more to Scarecrow's psychology and his joy of watching people in fear. This episode's score feels like it's written for a batman movie with Scarecrow in it. That's how great it is. In fact it's way better than what Zimmer's given Scarecrow (sound design noises) for Batman Begins, imo. I'm not sure the character even got a theme in BB. I like the use Elfman's Batman theme as well as Walker's own Batman theme towards the climax. There's another theme that plays to Batman's fear it's used excellently (as well as Walker's batman theme as both themes compete against eachother till one's victorious) at the end as Batman overcomes his fear. That fear theme for batman is very powerful and haunting, imo. Gotta love the cue that wraps up the score to this episode. It's very touching and tragic as Bruce visit's parents grave and we see a silhouette of batman's shadow as he leaves. The use of Walker's Batman theme is very emotional and effective at the end. Excellent score and episode.

"Heart Of Ice" really isn't Mr. Freeze's theme it's more of Nora Fries' theme and Freeze's feelings for her. It's bittersweet, tragic, and a little melancholic. It works well with the image of Nora Fries twirling like a ballet dancer in his crystal ball replica of her. It captures Freeze's heart and emotion what little he has left of it anyway especially in the last track "Arkham Asylum". You can't help but feel sorry for Freeze. I like the action music in "The Iceman Cometh Again/Cold As Ice" it's very exciting especially the bit with the batmobile chase. Listening to that bit I can't help but be on the edge of my seat as Batman takes on Freeze for the first time.

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