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Default Re: Superhero Film of the Year - 2012 Edition

Originally Posted by OutOfBoose View Post
Finally watched Dredd.

Here's my top:
1. The Dark Knight Rises - great movie all around, even despite having some pace problems and plot holes.
2. Dredd - low budget for this kind of production, but great fun overall.
3. The Avengers - really great movie, but personally it's too childish for my taste.
4. The Amazing Spider-Man - good comic book movie, beautiful with great main cast, but the story is too familiar + weak villain. Also, just as The Avengers, too kids-friendly.

Haven't seen Ghost Rider and Chronicle. And not going to.
Pretty much how I feel.

Haven't seen Chronicle or Dredd, but was kinda disappointed with the rest. Not oh they sucked, I just wanted something more out of them.

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