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Default Re: Kat Dennings as Darcy Lewis

Originally Posted by mclay18 View Post
Well, Dennings is getting a bigger role in the movie because her sitcom being so popular now. I assume she'll be one of the following: 1) potential love interest (not ruled out), 2) more comic relief with her trigger-happy taser, 3) she and Stellan Skarsgaard have bigger roles in the story or 4) Darcy hooks up with someone else.
Option #2 almost goes without saying. Darcy's role in the first film was to help people who normally do not enjoy fiction involving science fiction/fantasy/supernatural elements in it to be more comfortable with this material. By all accounts, there will be more supernatural material in this film, so that segment of the audience may need more Darcy.

Option #4 is also possible, especially if it is written in support of Option #2 (ie, the couple has a lot of funny banter). I can see Option #3 happening, too. I tend to think that portals will continue to be important in the MCU.

Option #1 I see as a long shot. In addition to it being unclear that there's anything to build a relationship on, there are too many other potential love interests already in the story. It gets too complicated. Movies have to be a lot simpler with story lines and be a lot more parsimonious with characters than books or comic books.

But I can see a combination of Options 2-4.

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