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Default Re: Thor + Sif = a couple?

Originally Posted by charl_huntress View Post
I had read they were married, but I wasn't sure if it was an elseworld since I am not that familiar with the character.

Does anyone think the movie will play on this aspect? Not necessarily play on the aspect of them being married, but the aspect of them having been together in the distant past?
I have the impression that they never got around to getting married in the comic books. (Thor proposed, but then they postponed the nuptials indefinitely.) In the myths, I don't think there's ever a story in which they are not married. (maybe Lei D Loki could weigh in on this point)

I could easily see them mentioning Thor and Sif having been an item in the past. In the original books (as I recall), the back story was that Thor and Sif had been an item prior to him being banished to Earth in the guise of Donald Blake. Then, after Odin ushered Jane out of the story, they rekindled their relationship.

I could also see them mentioning the myth. After all, if their marriage is in *our* books on Norse mythology, why wouldn't it be in the book on Norse mythology that Erik checked out of the Puente Antiguo library?


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