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Default Re: First Official Photo

Originally Posted by marvelrobbins View Post
Well I guess Tom Rothman leaving Fox Isn't doing anything to stop these attacks on
non Marvel studios Marvel projects.By the way did anyone else notice on release when the composer announcer Kevin Feige was listed as a producer.If right that would be first X-Men
film since last Stand someone from marvel was listed as producer on X-Men films.

Now this is first time we got a pic so early for a X-men film so consider that.
Those attacks are never going to stop. Marvel-worshippers are perfectly happy to accept changes in the Marvel Studios films (like the rumours of Dr Strange turning up as an astrophysicist in Thor 2) but they won't accept any changes in the films made by other studios.

The positive thing to come out of this is that it should encourage Fox and Sony to respect the comics as much as possible and not stray too far from the original characterisations.

The X-Men franchise has huge advantages - Magneto is probably Marvel's top villain (with a lot more depth and relatable appeal than Loki, Red Skull, Thanos); the X-Men comics have a vast mythos of amazing, colourful, diverse characters and great stories, that span time and space; the stories have deep underlying themes. All that should be used to great effect, and celebrated.

Show me an X-Men comic where Mystique is the leader and walks round all day as a bored blonde
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