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Default Re: Which female character shared a deeper connection w/ Bruce?

Originally Posted by kthevs View Post
But of course, you've proven yourself to be very anti Bruce/Selina in the past, so your comment here doesn't surprise anyone.
I have? I'm pretty sure I've explained before that I'm not. It's not my preference, but I don't dislike them as a couple. That's quite an assumption just because my POV is that Bruce/Selina here, in TDKR, doesn't work. IMO. You can't seem to get that and you never let me alone with my opinion. You always have to argue.

For the record, I loved Bruce and Selina in Batman Returns. I thought they worked, and Bruce shined with her more 1000 x more than Vicki Vale.

But frankly, I'm really tired of you and your negative comments toward me and about me, so I think it's just time to put you on ignore. It will be easier that way. Maybe you should do the same, because you can't refrain from insulting me over a fictional couple and telling me I "make things up". It's as if you follow me around just to get after me for my differing opinion.

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