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Default Re: First Official Photo

Like the photo, hopefully it's nothing like the last one. For me, the only time Jackman ever really felt like Wolverine was in the first X-Men movie. Even then they started softening him a little toward the end.

I wish he was as buff as Aronofsky wanted him to be. That would've been amazing. He'd already gained more weight than he'd ever had before, thanks to the Rock's nutrition and training advice. At that years Oscars he was actually looking a bit stocky. I was excited. Then Aranofsky left, production schedule went into limbo and having no date to aim for, Jackman understandably lost the weight, rather than keeping up the diet for an indefinate period of time. Unfortunately, when Mangold was hired, he obviously didn't want to gain the weight and Mangold apparently didn't insist on it. So now we've got what we've got. Real shame. Still looks ripped though, if a little skinny. And I'm coming around to the short hair.

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