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Default Re: Which female character shared a deeper connection w/ Bruce?

I think a few years after the events of TDKR, the answer would inevitably be Selina.

But based on what we did see in the Nolan Trilogy, the answer is definitely Rachel in my opinion.

Bruce sees good in Selina and feels a connection, but it is more based on hope than any previous knowledge or understanding.

With Rachel, they were childhood friends, they both grieved for the loss of the Waynes, they both desperately craved for justice in Gotham, which would mean a chance to begin their relationship in earnest.

Rachel had a past with Bruce - even though it was often kept at arm's length, it was much of his motivation in becoming Batman in the first place.

With Selina, we only see the very beginning of this kind of relationship. Bruce plays Rachel's part, inspiring Selina to be a better person - just like Rachel once did for Bruce. There's a fair amount of symmetry, but thematically Rachel is the character who had the deeper connection.

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