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Default Re: Which female character shared a deeper connection w/ Bruce?

Q:My thoughts abt "I like your place": Selina first meets Bruce in *his* place - that room with the safe, and the photos, and some objets d'art, was where Bruce chose to have his dinner for 8 years. Selina's apartment is amazingly similar to that room: dark, intimate, but decorated w/beautiful objects. Imo, Bruce is acknowledging that they have similar tastes, that they're compatible. That he sees what she likes & he appreciates her style. (And that they could - and will! - live together one day.)

A:I tried to have a closer look at Selina’s apartment—for instance, there’s a pile of books she has that I’d love to have identified! You’re right, for all its “thriftiness”, Selina’s things are just as opulent and tasteful as Wayne Manor’s, but they seem more “at home” than the things in Wayne Manor. The way Selina dresses also reflects that. She’s very much in casualwear, in her pullover and her ballet flats, but she gives off an air of cool confidence and cosiness. I think Bruce is innately drawn to that dual darkness and warmth. It’s cute how this is symbolic, at least superficially, of Bruce and Selina being matched in their personal tastes.


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