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Default Re: Which female character shared a deeper connection w/ Bruce?

This is now my fourth viewing of TDKR, but I decided to go to IMAX again—when your city has the one of the largest screens in the world, well, it’d be a pity not to go again. Was trying to identify scenes that used IMAX cameras, but I kept forgetting to check when I got sucked into said scenes. Might have to go again. :P I went with a friend who hadn’t seen it yet so it was nice to see her reactions as twists happened. I envy first timers because nothing compares with your first experience of the total immersive bombardment of the senses.
I feel I know the film by heart, in terms of sequence and dialogue, but I still look for nuances, mainly in facial expressions and voices.
  • Selina’s satisfied smirk, after she guns down the debris at a bridge, which then turns grim, as though having second thoughts.
  • The only overt sign of jealousy practically dripping in Selina’s tone as she revs up the Batpod re: “waging war for his stuck-up girlfriend”
  • The slightly hesitant lilt in Bruce’s voice in Selina’s apartment, the way he averts his eyes from Selina’s as he compliments her home.
  • The music that plays when Bruce follows Selina to the society gala (combo of Begins’ “Nycteris” and Selina’s theme)—very suave.
  • There’s another part I’ve decided is my favourite part of the whole Bruce/Selina dance too: after she makes her hissing speech about the coming storm into his ear, she pulls back, and just watch her fingers gliding back into place over his shoulder. It’s restrained, but it’s playful, sensual, and a bit aggressive and clingy too.
  • Was wondering also, how on earth did Bruce manage to dance with that crippled leg? Did he just glide across the floor?
  • “He’s behind you” always has me flailing
  • Selina’s glassy eyes are so palpable as she watches Bane and Batman fight, as though she’s rooted to the spot, unable to look away. And this time I especially noted her flinching backwards when Batman took a hit. You don’t often see the cat so visibly shocked.
  • Turns out Selina had another line cut out, when Holly hugs Selina from behind and says “storm’s coming, remember? it’s what you wanted” Selina in the script/novel says “it’s what I thought I wanted”. That was an oversight by the editor. Seriously that line is a pivotal turning point in Selina’s development. But maybe the “this was someone’s home” was suggestive enough of that.
  • Fox is really impressed with Bruce’s girlfriend
  • I love how Batman simply assumes Selina will continue to help him. I love that Selina is helping him. “I need you on the ground …” Logic compels me to add on that she helped put some kind of salve on his gaping knife wound, but somehow I don’t think that eventuated.
  • The blink-and-you’ll-miss-Bruce-and-Selina-in-Florence still overwhelms me—it’s so damn short!
Really cannot wait for the DVD/blu-ray release so we can really nitpick the whole thing. And lucky us, we get it on November 28


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