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Default Re: Update the outfit for next solo film

I'd agree with that; they can redesign the helmet/cowl but I saw absolutely nothing wrong with the rest of the costume [save for those silver shoulder things, what was their purpose again?]. In regards to the other comments on here, a tighter, more form-fitting costume was always going to make Evans look slimmer [and the fact that Evans has such a slim waist and thin legs only accentuated that] but what do people want? It's form-fittiing like the 616 costume using subtle padding that stops short of making things look ridiculously exagerated. I see no problem with it and Evans, as usual, was in great shape - his back looked thick [especially on the Hellicarrier when he goes off to look for the phase-2 stuff] and he had that v-taper thing going on which suggests a shape befitting Cap.

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