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Default Re: Henry Cavill IS Superman: - Part 10

Originally Posted by Glassjaw View Post
Mmmm Forbidden Planet Bristol Would love to live near that.
It's about 30mins drive to a cinema from here, come MoS though I'll be making the longer treck to London the Waterloo Imax. Probably going to end up at another 3am showing like I did for Watchmen
Haha that's exactly my plan! I'm gonna make as big a deal as possible about seeing that for the first time

And I was lucky with Watchmen, I was at uni in Cardiff so got to go to a midnight veiwing... though it was 3am by the time we got out lol.

And yeah, Forbidden Planet's pretty cool, though I never buy anything because it's always cheaper online and i'm broke

I think back to my father. As a farmer, he had a natural understanding for the Earth. I remember him telling me this world is capable of providing for all its creatures. Even now, with so many more people, there exists enough food for everyone.

"The problem," Pa used to say, "is people. As far back as we go, we've always had problems with sharing. Seems everyone's too busy holding on to what they've got to care how their neighbors are doing."

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