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Default Re: Which female character shared a deeper connection w/ Bruce?

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
I don't know if I'd call Selina as broken as Bruce was. I don't know if I'd even call her broken at all. Bruce is wrestling with demons from his parents murder, Rachel's death, and the Harvey Dent conspiracy. I doubt Selina was so messed up that she could become a hobbling recluse who let herself waste away in loneliness.

Selina had her issues, mainly with the upper classes of Gotham, and her yearning to escape her criminal past and live a normal life (similar to Bruce's wish to live a normal life with Rachel in TDK). She was a street wise survivor. Stealing to making ends meet. But I never saw her as a haunted woman who was as damaged as Bruce was. Bruce was sitting on a mountain of rage and guilt and pain. Selina had a big chip on her shoulder.
need some stories to fit in

such as----Her parents were murdered in cold blood when she was a little girl,thus her childhood could be a great misery.

She may got betrayed by someone during her youthhood and got sent behind the bar---->then she escaped from women's correctional at age 15-(not 16--TDKR p 216)

a life full of suffering

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