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Default Re: Which female character shared a deeper connection w/ Bruce?

Originally Posted by Excelsior. View Post
I think Bruce, Rachel, and appeal to different parts of his struggle and being, just as his villains reflect specific parts of his Batman persona. Rachel connected to a Bruce who was the heirloom of the Wayne foundation, the man that he could've been had it not been vengeance altering their paths. Miranda connected to the orphan who saw his world ripped apart and the drive to fix it in any way he can. Selina appealed to his darker, adventurous side, the side that craved the dangers of the night even as he preached a normal slate.

Alas, two of these (Rachel and Miranda) are done in an unsatisfying fashion and cemented the trend of being the worst aspect of these films.
Originally Posted by Nevincer View Post
Selina is one of the characters that suffered imo because of the rushed pacing. I agree with those that don't think her pairing at the end felt very natural, saying that she's a better candidate than Rachel would have been as she wasn't able to handle Bruce's life as Batman and chose Dent. If we're going strictly by the title of the thread though, I'd say that in spite of my loathing of the character, Bruce had a deeper connection with Rachel without a doubt. Bruce's whole idealism, sense of justice and vision of a safer city is exactly the same as hers whereas Selina is a grey character. His romance with Selina doesn't really work so much based on his "deep" connection with her, more like "opposites attract" is how I always viewed it.

I think some are forgetting, for the sake of their biases, that Bruce has different sides to his personality. He's not just a "broken person who dresses up in a mask". He's also an idealistic do gooder, which he inherited from his parents. Not only is Rachel a link to his past, but she herself has that idealism and she helped shape the idealism in Bruce.

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