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Default Re: Which female character shared a deeper connection w/ Bruce?

Originally Posted by Nevincer View Post
This is why I'll never fully understand how Selina "settled down" with Bruce. If anything as a love interest she's more suited to a "Batman Continues"-esque ending. Don't get me wrong the scene itself was nice and I would have hated for Bruce to be Batman forever but I don't think her character really works with that kind of ending as Catwoman is supposed to represent the side of Bruce that wants to be Batman imo.

It's an example of how with TDKR it felt to me like they were just throwing in a lot of ideas, even if some were ultimately incompatible with one another which makes the film as a whole sum feel awkward to me.
I actually thought giving Bruce someone to retire with kind of helped me buy the ending more. If Bruce were to just retire and live happily ever after with Rachel (had she survived), that would be an entirely unsatisfying ending to Bruce's journey. Yet, with Selina I can accept it because you have two people trying together to leave behind their former lives and start anew. They can both share the weight of their pasts together while trying to build a new future.

It's the ending we'll never get in the comics, but one that always seemed like a best case scenario for the two of them.

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